wav file not quite right

Thanks to help on this forum yesterday I have the timing correct for my imported wav files however they still do not sound correct. Hard to describe the issue but when I use them in Cubase 5 they are just not as clean and sharp if I listed to them with Windows Media Player or I-Tunes. Kind of like a small delay or slight echo or distortion…as I said hard to describe.
These wave files were not recorded with Cubase.
Any help or suggestions as to were to look for the issue would be appreciated.


What would be helpful for all involved would be if you could place your system specs in your signature (go to MySteinberg for that). Then people could see what you are working with in terms of hardware (Audio Interface, computer, memory, blah blah blah). etc… and other software (Operating system, etc.). Then it would be a better starting place than our virtual crystal ball!

From the vague description the only thing that comes to mind is an unintentional time stretch?

Thanks for the suggestion re listing hardware and software. I have updated my Steinbery signature with,
Cubase 5, Dell 9150, Win. XP, 4 gig ram, Steinberg CI 2+.
Sorry for the vauge description. There are only two tracks in the project. I am curious as to why the wav file would sound different in Cubase as to Media Player when I have not made any changes.

Post a snippet of the audio file.

Of course things like Media Player and the likes can have various enhancements like SRS WOW and EQ settings that can make files played in them seem louder, bigger and wider than they actually are.

Make sure you are comparing like with like and switch any enhancements off in media players!

I am trying to attach a wav file but unfortunately it says this is not allowed. Is there another way to send along a snippet of the file?

Attached are snippets of the files attached as mp3. Testb.mp3 is the original and testa.mp3 is from Cubase.
The problem is more noticeable in the mp3 files but hopefully someone may have an idea as to how I can correct this issue.
testb.mp3 (259 KB)
testa.mp3 (297 KB)

Do you have Controll room activated? Maybe it’s distorting while playing twice (controll room and master out).
Just an idea.

Cheers, Matze!

Sorry, didn’t hear the files while writing the last reply.

Do you use the same sample rate for recording and export? Sounds like a converting issue.

Cheers, Matze!