WAV file size limit in WL7 PRO?

I’m recording about 4h of audio to a standard 16-bit PCM Microsoft WAV named file, but even without the Split mode on, the output file gets split at the 2GB boundary (that’s at about 3:20h in one file), the remaining 40 minutes is recorded to another file. But then I can append the 40 minutes clip at the end of my 3:20h file and still save it in 16bit PCM Wave format giving me a 2.36GB file, which is OK.

So, why is there a 2GB size limit during recording to WAV if I can work with larger WAV files later on?

Mr. Jim

The format itself was designed maybe 20 years ago, and does not allow more than 2 GB. In fact, 4 GB in theory, but 2 GB in reliable practise.
This is why you should use the RF64 option, or .w64

Thanks, PG. I was just wondering why you have not implemented the 2GB WAV file size limit consistently within the entire app.

Anyway, I’ll just join my two wav files as usual or switch to Wave 64.

Mr. Jim

I was just wondering why you have not implemented the 2GB WAV
file size limit consistently within the entire app.

I’m not sure what you mean. For instance, a montage has no reason to be limited to 2 GB output.

Hi, Folks!

Correct me if I err, Philippe, but I believe the 2GB file size limit was dictated under earlier Windows 95 systems, and only recently with Windows XP and above, has the digital “word” size been expanded beyond 16-bits. I didn’t check the math, but I believe it had to do with the overall memory allocations available to the 16-bit FAT file storage system under the earlier Windows’ OS’s; their newer NTSF system is still dependent on what the OS can “manage”, but things are now pretty much standard for 32-bit file “words”, and many newer systems can handle 64-bits.

Perhaps this helps clarify the query?

not 16 bit vs 32 bit, but 32 bit vs 64 bit …

Thanks for the clarification, Philippe! You’re much closer to the “bits” than I for such things! And certainly a superstar when it comes to audio software creation!

Right. I fact, the only place where I encountered the 2GB WAV file size limit is while recording to a named file. Later on, I could save edited audio to larger WAV files (i.e. 2.36GB) with no problem. That’s the inconsistency I meant (2GB limit while recording to WAV audio files, no 2G - supposedly 4GB - limit while saving to WAV file from Audio Files Workspace). I haven’t checked that for audio montages, but I believe it’s exactly what you say.

Actually, the file size limit while recording is not a big problem, as WaveLab smoothly continues recording to the next named file. I merge the two files easily and I’m done :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, PG. Regards.
Mr. Jim