Wav file with corrupted header block

Can Wavelab11 Import a Wav file with a corrupted header block by using the Import Special File Format Panel - Data to ignore number of bytes import option?

I assume the 'header block" on a wave file is potentially a fixed length so if that length is known can the bytes to ignore be specified?

Is there a reference source for wav file header info so the bytes can be calculated?

Or am I just exercising wishful thinking here to recover a 16bit Mono Wave file, originally created in Steinberg SX3?

Any help appreciated.


Does the file open in WL if you just drag it in?

If it does, sometimes ‘save as’ a new file can create a new usable file.

Hi Paul

No it doesn’t recognise the file and pops up the Special File Format Dialogue.
This indicates to me it cant read the header block. So I assume to option in the dialogue to ignore a number of bytes you specify may be a solution.

However can’t find any reference to this Special File Import option in Wavelab documentation?

Im assuming if the data block in the file is intact Wavelab may treat it as a RAW file and load.

I suspect author PG would know but I have no idea how I can contact hime in this Forum.



I think PG or other members here will tell
how you can do it or use it’s function with Import > Unknown Audio
and sometimes PG say: experiment with this tool or
even try like Audacity or other apps…
MediaInfo etc

regards S-EH

Yes. But there is no real rule about the settings for the dialog.
If you know this is eg. 16 bit 44100 Hz, this is already a good step.
Then for the offset, the best is to try several values until you find something coherent, even if a few samples are missing at the start.

Thanks PG.
From research I see the header is typically 44 bytes.
How does WL 11 treat the the file if it gets half a header? Does it start to build the wav from 44 bytes on to an eof marker in the wav?

The file is ex Cubase Sx3 created so very likely at its default project setting which I believe is 16bit 44100 samples.

Couple of observations
When dragging the file in it simply shows as blank although clearly has data.
When changing to 32bit float I get what appears to be a highly distorted wave view. +500db.


The file is rejected and an error message pops up.

Why do you say " although clearly has data" ?

Use another offset.

Re Clearly has data … Have looked at file in hex editor. Data block in header with subsequent data seen. OS also shows file size correctly.

Re Offset. I’m not skilled enough to understand ‘offset’.
If I tell the dialogue to ignore x bytes is that the ‘offset’ ie start reading the file from the specified byte.

Does Wavelab create its own header in the dialogue and treats everything else as data?

On a learning curve here as a non programmer.

WaveLab uses the settings of the dialog to create a virtual header.

By offset, I mean this. You have to experiment with various values.
What do you know about the origin of this file? Anything?


Thanks PG
The file was created in Cubase SX 3.02
So I believe it’s likely to be 16bit 44100 as I think that was default (tend to stick with software defaults)
The file was originally created in a PC and archived.
Now trying to load in Mac - others Wavs from same batch / time have loaded in WL 11 but some failures.

You could try to invert the endian setting. Wav is Little Endian, while AIFF is Big Endian.