Wav. files not showing in Media Bay

I recently purchased a disk with assorted wav. files and loops on it. I have copied these wav. files and loops to a spare hard drive. I can play all of the wav. files using media player, but a number of them will not play under the audition function in media bay. If fact they don’t even show up on the media bay listing. Any suggestions. Cubase 6.0.4, windows 7, 8 g of ram, 10000RPM dedicated hard disk :unamused:

Yeah someone please answer this guy.

I got wav files of a Truth drum kit and im trying to trigger the samples in groove agent but i cant get them to show up to drag to the pad to actually be triggered.

Weird that I came across this. I have one particular directory that won’t show its contents in mediabay either, but only this one directory. Very strange as they too will load and play in Wavelab, Mediaplayer etc.