Wav Header Marker Name Lost

About 80% of the time after rendering vinyl side files with markers, the first marker in the rendered file loses its name in the Wav header (it just becomes named “Marker”). The marker name is correct as long as the wav file is paired with the mrk file, but if I delete the mrk file (to send out just the wav), and open the wav file to see the markers in the header, the first track is just called “Marker”. The other markers are fine, It’s always just the first marker only that loses its name.

The files are usually 96KHz 24 Bit or 48KHz 24 Bit. The markers come from CD markers in the original montage. I’ve also tried 44.1 with about the same result: 80%. So it doesn’t happen every time, but very often. But it never happened with Wavelab 6. I’ve also tried with no mrk file creation, but get the same failure rate.

Happens with local drives, external drives. Long and short paths. Doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t see any pattern to the 80/20 fail/success.

Anyone else experience this?

The marker names are encoded inside the wave header, maybe there is a random bug here.
This could help me if you could send me a (small) file that has this problem. Like this, I can see if this is a name encoding or decoding issue.


Thank you PG. I’ll send a file. To fix these, I’ve just been renaming the marker in the wav file and re-saving the file. That always works fine.