.wav to flac converters?

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Is there any consensus on the board about the good, the bad, and the ugly (for these converters)?


Hi Alexis

First off … thanks for your kind wishes regarding Susi’s health.

Second … and it almost feels to silly to post: www.Bandcamp. com’s Wave to FLAC conversion I have found to be pretty good.
Benefit: Good [according to me] quality.
Disadvantage: Slow on account of having to factor internet upload and download times.

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Hey there Alexis. I use the Pazera converter. Converts almost anything to anything. :smiley:


I use Traders Little Helper for conversion

and the XIPH codecs to playback seemlessly in Win Media Player 12 on a Win 7 x64 machine

Uh… I thought FLAC was lossless? If so, how does “quality” play into it. I also thought (haven’t looked actually) that Cubase renders FLAC although I guess it doesn’t since people are asking.

But FLAC should reproduce the audio file exactly as it was before compression shouldn’t it (any converter that works properly)? How fast or slow it works depends on the compression level.

Anyway, if you need FLAC just grab the Reaper demo. It renders FLAC.

Yup, he probablty means functionality of the covertors. The Pazera convertor I linked to is free and has excellent functionality.

Yeah, but there’s only two settings for FLAC functionality (afaik) and all converters have them … sample rate and compression level… unless he means unrelated functionality like file managers and editors and those kinds of optional things built into freeware audio file converters.

But (afaik) at the same sample rate and compression level they all should do exactly the same thing with the same file.

Anyway, this sounds like a good FR for Cubase 7. Most modern daws can render FLAC these days and some can play it directly from the timeline. Seems to me mostly only PT and Cubendo users are collaborating over the net with huge 40-50mb wave audio tracks, or using external converters by necessity.

Why not use the one that invented flac files, Flac Frontend, you can download it for free. Oh and when I convert to flac, I do so uncompressed. The file size is still about half the wav file size.


Thank you all, for your comments and suggestions!

I’ll look into these, and if I can find one that doesn’t require an internet connection I’ll probably try that one out initially, since my music computer isn’t on line.

Thanks again! :smiley:

Hi Alexis, I think we’re on the same trail again, this site looks useful and has a few suggestions and easy to understand explanations but apart from that I can’t say much about it. Maybe some of the others will:


Ha! Paul W and Zenda on the same thread! Just like old times… :sunglasses: :laughing:

I thought everyone used free flac front end. Oh, also Cubase 6.5 handles it natively now.


Just found out a widely recommended solution from Macrumors about how to convert WAV to FLAC on Mac and Windows.

This solution also helps you convert FLAC to WAV.

Try it.

Resurrecting such an old Post … why?
FWIW I use Wavelab for such things. :wink:

Or Audacity. Totally cross platform too. :sunglasses: