Wave CLA NX Won't Run

I am unable to run the Waves NX ‘CLA’ room simulation for headphones plugin within WaveLab 11.1
Tried in different slots/groups but always get the message as per screenshot below.
I do have the original generic NX plugin and also the Nashville Ocean version, both of which do run fine. Also have run the CLA version in past versions of WaveLab, so am basically stuck now. Help please if anyone has had the same problem or a potential fix.

Please contact the manufacturer of this plugin so that they try it with WaveLab.

Thanks PG, have done via their forum but will log as a proper support request now too.

Waves Audio support replied that as of now their v14 plug-ins are only tested and approved for WaveLab 10 and hence cannot help further at this time. Their supported DAWs page actually shows I would need to revert to their v12 range and WaveLab 10 to guarantee fully supported operation (revealed after a bit of digging/filtering).
Have thanked ‘Noem’ and also asked if he has any idea when they will be including WaveLab 11
I won’t be reverting versions so guess it’s a ‘hurry up and wait’ situation… Music biz as usual! :grin:

As a plugin manufacturer, they could ask for a WaveLab 11 version to Steinberg.

Noam at Waves said thanks very much and I will just take this opportunity to say, “Heh PG, thanks very much for the amazing WaveLab, it’s a wonderful thing of beauty!”

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