Wave Effects

Wave Effects are no longer working in Cubasis 2. Could this have to do with last iOS update?

Hi mate. You are not alone. There is a larger discussion on another thread but I cannot share the link here. Maybe try a search?

Cheers. John

This is not acceptable at all .
On the purchase App they should tell clearly that is not going to work with cubasis 2. OR it only works with cubasis 3 and let the iPad users which IPad will be compatible with Waves Effect.
Please Help your Product users.
Thank in advance

Hi @John_Koschnick, Hi @johnyrover, Hi @georgefor2,

Thank you for your messages.

We are aware of the Waves Cubasis 2 issues, which currently will be evaluated by our team. For now, the issues seems to be related to iOS, but we will see.

We hope to be able to announce a solution very soon.