Wave embedded marker export

I quite often work with audio in the show software QLab and when exporting wavs from Logic, markers get embedded in the file then picked up by QLab in a super useful way, making it really easy to synchronise vamps and other features.
Sadly, Cubase exported files don’t work the same way.
I’m not sure exactly what the syntax Logic and QLab are using for those markers is, but it would be so helpful to be able to do the same thing from Cubase!

For anybody not familiar with QLab, probably most of us, it would be helpful to know what the requested embedded marker is supposed to achieve in QLab.

Good question Johnny… it creates markers within QLab that serve as audio slices. So typically, you might put markers at a 4 bar section that you intend to loop (or vamp) in a show.
You can easily tell Qlab how many times you want to loop each slice before continuing, or most usefully, to loop continually until you fire a “de-vamp” cue to move on.
Currently with waves generated with Logic any markers appear automatically in QLab as slices, whereas with Cubase generated wavs I have to manually type in the timecode for each marker.
I don’t think what logic is doing with the wav export is specific to QLab, it must be some sort of standardised syntax for including markers in the broadcast chunk of a wave file.

I wonder if the CuePoint / Cue Chunk of the wave file header is used for these markers.

A support of this function would render the question: Exactly which of Cubase’s markers are supposed to be stored in the file? Hitpoints, warp markers, region markers, markers from a marker track? The latter item brings up another problem: User markers are not tied to any audio file, they are only tied to a marker track. You’d need to introduce the concept of audio clip or audio event markers.

Yeah I’m not sure what it’s using, though I have found this article about the subject - would appear ProTools doesn’t do it either.

From my point of view embedding the markers from a chosen marker track when rendering a mixdown would be perfect - it doesn’t matter to me what the files within cubase are doing, just that the exported ones include some marker information.

As an aside, audio clip markers within Cubase would be great - I’d love to be able to add markers to individual takes of a vocal before comping for example.

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You could have a look if you are interested.
With this tool you drag’n’drop the audio file onto it and click the Info button.
The tool itself should not require an installation, it just works.