Wave file in pool without an image. The file is there and is OK. Can I fix this?

I have opened an old project, made in an older version of Cubase . I’m now working with Cubase 10 pro. Some files which I have used several times in the projec have no image and cannot be played in the song. Also in the pool they have no images. The files (wave) are in the right folders and are OK. Outside Cubase I can play them without a problem. What to do to fix this problem? Can somebody help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does Cubase show the Missing file dialog while opening the project, please?

Hello Martin,
Yes it shows missing files, but the files I mentioned are not there. There are some missing files with the same name but with following up numbers…


Could you attach a screenshot of the Missing Files dialog and the Pool, please? I can’t imagine, how does it look like, how is the relation, sorry.