Wave files in cubase absent

Hello I can’t read my wave files in the explorer, I can’t use my personal banks Could I have help?

Could you please be more specific what your problem is?

Hello, I can’t listen and import some samples in wav into my explorer

Which explorer? Cubase has nothing named Explorer…

This must be the MediaBay (F5)

Or the Pool? (STRG-P) … import?

no media in the right panel I choose my HD and in the list I choose my wav file drop in my project but I can’t hear what I want to choose

Do you have this at the bottom of the screen ?
When you click on the play button, does it look like it plays the file, but you are not hearing any sound ? Is that what you mean ?
cubase file explorer

Any idea what format those files are in the folders that show no content? i.e. if you list their contents in your os.

I would guess that they are in an unreadable format?

This files are on wav format

If no files are displayed that may be because their formats are not compatible or the files are broken.
Supported Compressed Audio File Formats