Wave Form Display Bug

I’m experiencing an odd bug on some random audio files since 1.8.3, now also on 1.9. I’ve uninstalled and installed Cubasis to no avail.

We’ve seen this issue in the beta phase of iOS 8, gave it a fix in 1.8.2 and have not seen it again ever since.

Do you have the issue reproducible at your end?

If so, please provide me with exact details about your setup (iOS device, iOS version etc.) and let me have the exact repro steps along with the download link for the project where the issue occurs via PM.



hello Lars, i am experiencing the same troubles.
ios is 8.0 12a365 on ipad3. i have this probleme since version 1.8 of cubasis. from what you said, update to version 1.9 did not solve it for shure. :smiley: .i get it quite often when using the metronome for recording an audio input with ampkit. this is very anoying for working properly on an ipad.
i am using an io dock of alesis.(version1) witch is said not compatible with ios 8. but it works fine.

Hi vincouille,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately we have not seen the waveform display issue ourselves again - both in engineering and testing.
If you have a clear repro please share the required steps with us and we’ll give it a check.


Hello Lars,
thinks for reply.
you have to have at least 1 track playing while recording mono
the click on
if not enougth a a few track. mine are longer the. 1 minute
ampkit plugged with audiobus.
what is strange is that the sound is correcte.
how can i give you my project sample. i think that could help.


please provide me with your project either via wetransfer or dropbox and send me the link on PM. We will have a look and get back to you asap!