Wave form looking ever so subtly different after export...?

Hello fellow Cubase users and abusers,

longtime Cubase user and fan here. I’ve never really had any issues with the program, so never truly had any reason to post anything. But today something stumped me, something I’ve never really noticed before until now. Quite likely there’s a perfectly simple explanation for it; anyway, here goes:

I had to export a bunch of files today for a mix that’s happening elsewhere and wanted to test my exported tracks. After re-importing them into my project to check them, I noticed something weird: the waveform of the exported/re-imported tracks looks ever so subtly different from the original waveform that’s in the project. Everthing checks out though – the audio sounds exactly the same to my ears, and everything was correctly exported without FX, without panning, at 0db on the master, and so on…

I’ve included a screenshot of what I mean – the top wav is the original wav that’s in the project, and the bottom one is the exported and then re-imported file. As you’ll notice, they look almost exactly the same but with very subtle diferences in appearance. How is this possible? I’m fully aware this might be a major newbie question when it comes to audio, so go gently… :wink:

Thank you in advance!

Schermopname (1).png