Wave Graphic Changed From Audio, Now is Kick Drum Wave(It is a Overhead/Snare Wave and WAS accompanying graphic)

Would really appreciate prompt help if possible as I am on a deadline with the mastering guy.

One of the wave blocks on one of the overhead drum mics’ wave graphic has changed to being identical with the kick drum graphic. THe previous part of the wave(before a slice in the wave) looks as it should, like the other overhead drum mic recording. But after the slice, the block wave drawing on the right does not match the audio of the drum. It used to though, and I have backup projects that have the original graphic. However I have done 5 hours of work since that backup and would like it to not be a waste etc. This problem makes it difficult to edit, but much more than that, it makes me paranoid that something is corrupted in some way.

Is there a way to “refresh” the wave so that it redraws itself? Thanks!


Try to delete Images folder of your project. This folder contains the graphics of the waveform. Once you load the project, the waveform image will be created again. Hopefully the correct one will be created.

Hey Martin, thanks for the reply! I ended up finding another trick. I’d highlight the wave and apply gain or something to it, then immediately undo the action. The original waveform would then appear. I’m having a lot of other problems now, but have fixed that one. Thanks.


Nice trick. I’m glad you managed it.

If you have lot of strange issues with Cubase, try Safe Start Mode or Delete Preferences. This is like Factory Settings.