Wave image amplitude through the roof on render in place AND on dragging any wav file into project

PREAMBLE: Experimenting using the C13 trial, I created a new project to help set up a StreamDeck application I’d created (generic remote NOT midi remote) to operate and jam/play one plug-in instance of a full 4 kit GA5 instrument. Each of the 4 GA kits has it’s own midi channel (1 to 4) routed to 4 MIDI tracks with inputs routed via each of the available 4 kit inputs in the inspector pane.
It’s a bit complicated to explain, but I managed to record both pattern trigger notes, and the full MIDI drum data, to separate MIDI tracks for each of any of the 4 kits using dedicated StreamDeck pages for each kit, punching, within real time, a StreamDeck button for whichever Drum pattern I fancied (intros, grooves, endings etc). So far so good.

PROBLEM: Then I ATTEMPTED to render in place the MIDI tracks to audio. At first I thought each attempt had failed as the audio track widow appeared blank, until to my surprise I discovered that the solo’ed apparently BLANK audio tracks successfully played back the recorded drum patterns created :astonished:! Eventually I realised (graphically) the wave AMPLITUDE of the rendered track was through the roof!! I grabbed and pulled the amplitude handles right down to the floor in order to see the waveform profile. This reduced playback volume to below -50db. So clearly there’s something wrong GRAPHICALLY with the wave AMPLITUDE within the track window. The actual dB output seems to correlate with the wave handle position set, not the graphical waveform amplitude displayed.
Furthermore after dragging and dropping a random known good wav file from an old project into THIS project window, the resulting amplitude for that track was, too, though the roof!! Dragging same wav file into a previous C13 trial project window gave a normal sized amplitude waveform.
The only suspicious observation offered is that, coincidentally, I found l had no control ( in cubase) of the volume of the incoming input of the GA5 drum kit when recording the MIDI data. It was like it was summing more than one route of the GA kit or a crossed channel or something. The channel meter was almost, but not quite, peaking. But that doesn’t explain why the dragged external wave file waveform amplitude was graphically through the roof too, does it?
BTW New Geekom A7 mini computer AMD Ryzen 9 Radeon integrated graphics chip. Hopefully not related to the issue.
Any suggestions?

It sounds like you set the wave display to be zoomed in. I’m assuming the Audio sounds OK since you don’t mention any distortion.

Not at Cubase so I can’t post a pic. But in the Project Window near the upper-right of the Track display area, there is a small vertical slider to adjust the zoom level.

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Thanks raino. 100% right! :smiley: I must have inattentively grabbed the waveform /track zoom bar with the mouse instead of the lamentably thin, hard to grab, scroll bar. :thinking:

I’ve never purposely used that zoom bar from within the project window, preferring to use the StreamDeck zoom buttons I’ve set up using the more focussed Cubase midi button program which I prefer to the key commands Alt-G, Alt-H which only work if the project window has the focus.

Anyhow, thank goodness for forum members who know their way around with their eyes closed!