Wave image not showing

Good day everyone!
I dug all forumes and manuals but still have the issue with wave image - no picture, only when drag.
I use the CB LE AI Elements 9.5 on MacOs Monterey.

Please give me any advise which I will try to do.


Is Cubase 9.5 compatible with MacOs Monterey? I think it isn’t…

Yes, looks like :frowning:
I found that only 10.14 MacOs.
Hope Steingberg will release the patch.

Hi there. I have the same problem with Elements 9.5 on PC. I have found that if I highlight the track, then go to the Audio tab, then select Processes then Gain and turn the gain knob slightly the wave form appears on the track.
Hope this helps!

Sorry to say, Cubase 9.5 got its final update in 2018.

Thank you for advice. But it doesn’t work.