Wave lab 8.5 - 3nd party plugins issues - OS X

Hi all
this is my first post here.
I use Wavelab from the time its born and I was in love with this software.
However, the last 5 years I turned to mac OS X and lots of issues appeared until nowadays.
My greatest problem is that I cannot master my tracks anymore in wavelab using some necessary 3nd party plugins because the knobs on that plugins start to not be responsible and after a while wavelab freezes and I have to force quit the program. The problems started at Wavelab 8 - I upgraded to 8.5 hoping the things will get better but was worst.
I’m talking especially for Slate plugins, TritoneDigital and some other stuff. At least the compatibility with Uad and Plugin alliance is ok, but I really hope someone from Steinberg read this post and take a look.

Have a nice day

It is not just on Mac OS. Windows machines are having the same problems but no one at Steinberg seems to be listening.


Same issue here on Mac. Anything that is CPU intensive is very sluggish. Issues with DMG and Fabfilter plugins. Very frustrating.

I’m sure there is room on the WaveLab side to improve 3rd party plugin compatibility, but I have also realized by contacting various developers support that many developers just don’t test WaveLab.

I think many assume that if their plugins work in Cubase/Nuendo that WaveLab will be OK too and this is clearly not the case.

Are there crash reports you can send Steinberg? Not sure if the crash report global option is available on Mac, but someone should know.

There is a crash dump that shows up in the “DiagnosticReports” folder in Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports