Wave Lab Elements free with C7 upgrade?

On my upgrade disk there is Wave Lab Elements but I don’t see an activation code. It’s not with the trial software, its in the Additional Content folder.

Have I missed something?


I don’t think you need one. I just installed the trial and it created a temporary license on the dongle. I downloaded it from the site but it may be the same for your trial. Not sure to be honest. I recommend just trying to install it.

the wavelab elements that comes with halion 4 has a trial code sheet so I would have thought c7 would as well

yes there should be a sheet saying " information on additional trial versions" with all trial codes in your C7 box

I did install it but it’s asking for an eLicense. It brings up my eLicenses but I don’t show a license for it. :question:

I may be confusing the trials. In the past couple of months, I have installed trials for Dark Planet, Neo Soul Keys, Wavelab 7, and Wavelab 7 Elements. Only one of the Wavelab required an activation code from the Cubase box, but I can’t remember which one at this point.
Thought it was worth a try. Sorry not more helpful.

lets put this another way … NO it’s not free it’s a trial version and as stated above that is what you get with c7

Ah! I found the code and you are correct sir! :smiley: