Wave Lab7 recording/skipping?

Dear all,
during the 1hr 20 min of direct recording (duration of one audio CD) from the mixer to the PC some of the recorded songs are skipping over regardless of connection mode (either with connection by external music card or direct connection by microphone line).

At the beginning I thought that the skipping was caused due to conversion into wave or mp3 format but obviousely this is not the case as the recorded file already had the skipping before starting with saving/converting process.

What I have to do?

(My computer is HP Pavilion , Intel® Core ™ I7-2630 QM CPU Processor 2.00 GHz, RAM 4.00 GHz, 64-bit operating system).

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Audio interface ?

What settings in Options / Audio Streaming Settings…
I mean related to bufferts / latency for your audio device ?

regards S-EH

I bought reloop audio interface but it seems wavelab is not recognizing it on my laptop???

In WaveLab 7
menu Options / Audio Streaming Settings /
under Audio Device select ASIO driver, Core Audio or
speciell driver for your audio device “reloop audio”

if you can’t get this to work try to get in contact with the maker of “reloop audio”
or PG the programmer of WaveLab will give some more hint

regards S-EH