Wave Meters


I want to make Wave Meters to work correctly. I try on many PC not MAC and the result was the same.

Wave Meters aren’t really meters !!!

I try with other DAW and the Wave Meters is so realistic.

Is there any way to solve it ???

P.S. My PC have enough resources XEON processor, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro…


Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.

Could you describe how a realistic wave meter looks so I’ll be able tell if mine are also fake?

Select PPM from the context menu of the meter bridge and they will disappear. Granted the PPM meters also look kind of fake, but wacha gonna do. :confused:

I am sure that not only I have this problem

This problem is old, but it seems you do not want to acknowledge.


You keep talking about a problem but have not as yet explained just what your problem is!
All you have done is made it clear that wave meters do not live up to ‘your’ expectations. An inability to accept that might be a problem for you and indeed you may be the only one suffering. I think everyone is well aware that wave meters are not true “meters” in the traditional sense, but that this is simply a name.

You are under the impression this is an ‘old problem’, but wave-meters were first introduced into Cubase with version 8 which is now only 2 months old! One begins to wonder if you are not living in an alternate reality.

I think we can assume that English is not your mother-tongue, so perhaps I’m just not understanding you. If you’re having an issue then please explain what, in your opinion, is not right. :wink: