Wave recording slowdown after 6 bars ...

Hi .
I recognized that after 6 and more bars of external instrument (audio) recording , my Cubase pro 10 does slowdown wave .
In other words I can’t copy/ paste bars of track with recorded wave to some other bar without tempo/ speed loosing …
Can’t understand what is wrong , before I can’t remember something like this :frowning:
I recording a Korg keyboard with auto accompaniment with tempo speed 120 the same tempo have on cubase pro 10 too…
My setting - Cubase pro 10 with last update , RME UC with last driver update .
Someone with the same issue ?


This is common for digital recording. 120BPM of one device is not exactly 120BPM of any other device. You need the same clock source for both devices (KORG and the computer/Cubase). Make sure you sync the devices.

Thank you for help .
But how to sync devices with each other ?


I would recommend to start from here and similar on KORG side.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Will see how it works .

Thank you Martin , you had right …
I did cubase master and my korg slave and tempo of my korg starts playing up/down , random … from 122 to 119 , 120 to 116 …
But after recording the track was as had to be , all beats was in right place :slight_smile: .
Thank you again , I did not know about this thing (sync for live recording) …