Wave RT and MOTU 8pre

Hi all,

Simple question (from a simpleton as will become obvious): how do I utilize Wave RT in Cubase 6.0?

I have a MOTU 8pre which is apparently Wave RT-ready and have installed it’s latest drivers/firmwares etc, but I’m expecting to see a Wave RT/WASAPI option in Cubase VST Audio devices and don’t. I get the horrible feeling I’m missing something obvious, but I’d like to hear it anyway! :smiley:

Thanks in advance,


Cubase uses ASIO drivers, not Wave RT.
So I don’t think you’ll find that option.

Thanks for the reply!

Apologies for not specifying that I have been using ASIO quite happily with Cubase for years. I had just read that Wave RT was now an option and was curious to try it. I have huge projects and have to go up to 512/1024 buffers on a lot of them - I wondered if it might provide a better experience.

Thanks for the response!