Wave samples change pitch too much on piano roll

Hello guys! Really need your help. I’ve been searching long time for the answer. I stuck on one issue. I want to use wave samples, so I use Kontakt in Cubase to put the wave file on the piano roll. The point is when I play this file it changes pitch to much not like in instrument track. So I made an experiment, I recorded the sound from Instrument Monologue in wave file and then uploaded to Kontakt and started to play on Cubase piano roll. And what do you think? The sound played normally only on the first note C3 and upper or lower changed pitch to much far not like the same sound on Instrument Monologue track. I was thinking that it has to be this way as long as these files have different format. But I saw many videos how people play wave sample in FL Studio and it didn’t change pitch so much. So, there is no opportunity to use wave samples properly in Cubase, especially pluck sounds for writing melodies. Is that normal like that to have the wave file pitch changed so much in Cubase? Thank you in advance!