Wave window scroll bar thumb too small?

First of all, I must say that I’m loving the new interface in Wavelab 7. I can configure it as I like, and it’s great.

However the thumb in the scroll bar is so small that is not very usable to move around the sample when the zoom is high. It always shows at least one minute more of (empty) waveform.

I understand that the waveform window must show more than the actual data, but I think now it’s excessive. In a 1 second sample it shows more than 1 additional minute. This reduces the thumb size considerably and makes it much smaller than you would expect from the actual size of the audio file, causing confusion.

Maybe this is not a problem for someone that works with huge sound files and never makes fine adjustments in samples, but for working with small samples is rather uncomfortable.

Does this behavior have a purpose I’m unable to guess? Is there any option to change it?


Sorry, there is no option for this. I note this idea for a future version.

Thank you very much Philippe!