Wavecenter/PCI replacement

Well it looks like I’m going to have to retire my Frontier Designs Wavecenter/PCI card as they are not going to be releasing Windows 7 drivers for it :imp:
Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? I need 8 channels of ADAT and 2 channels SPDIF (all 24 bit) in a PCI card. Don’t need any analogue I/O, and while MIDI would be nice it’s not necessary. Thanks.

Does PCI express work? You might have trouble finding a card that matches your requirements these days. Most of the PCI based cards have transferred to Firewire and USB leaving companies like RME making PCI/e cards for digital I/O that would probably be overkill and too expensive for what you need but possibly worth checking out.

Yeah, I actually just ordered an E-MU 1212M PCIe card. I’ll have to do some re-arranging of the cards in my computer but it should work out. Wasn’t too pricey either and has all the I/O I need.