Waveform and Lanes Color in Nuendo 7

nuendo waveform.JPG
Hi, I just installed N7 (previously had N4 so it’s a big jump) and would like to find a way to change the waveform back to solid black and the lanes from white on white. The translucent grey waveforms are kind of distracting and hard to read for me and the white lanes with outlined white waveforms are too.
However, the preference: Event Display - Audio - Wave Image Style (solid) is no longer available.
Can anyone tell me a way to get it back to something close to the attached picture?

Preferences./Event Display
Tick Colorize Event Background
Do not tick outline EVent data & Transparent Events


Thanks, that combination helped a lot.

Any way to have the waveforms in the lanes not white? Or the lanes not white?

It will take on the color of your track. Color your track (or events). Attached is my preferred waveform display.

Cool yeah - I got the waveforms the be more black, but the white waveforms in the lanes is still throwing me off.

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean? The events should take on the color of the events. The lane view has changed drastically from N4 -> N7 though and not for the better IMO.

Yeah here you go, thanks. Part of it is I’m sure getting used to the new look, but man it’s driving me nuts trying to edit.

Also - totally off topic - but the split (scissor) tool has a weird lag time; like it like when I move the tool around in the edit window, the cursor takes a second to catch up; not in a jumpy glitchy way, but in a smooth, almost scrub mode kind of way.

Here’s the screenshot - thanks again.
nuendo lanes.JPG

additionally, the color of the track controls (like where the name of the track is, where you turn on/off lanes, etc) is defaulted to be entirely the color of the track (see screenshot) as opposed to being the standard steinberg grey with just a strip of color to the left of the track controls like this in their trailer videos http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/nuendo_range/nuendo/new_features.html

i swear i’ve been on nuendo for 12 years and know all the ins and out and have researched the manual as best i could, but this color/visual stuff is driving me mental!
track color.JPG

ok, figured that last one out:

Preferences / Event Display / Colorize Track Controls = turn the fader all the way to the left.

It’s likely a case of being different to what you’re used to so things might seem strange for a while. Nothing you can do about the muted event color/look though or lane view. Personally I’m not a fan of the bright project background and prefer darker background along with colors to make things visually stand out.