Waveform Cache & HDD overload problem

Can’t figure out this problem on my side or Cubase.
Today i get massive recording session (drums, Vocals, Synths) where tons of audio (edits,fades, DOP)
Audio Performance (F12) shows 50% load.

The problem is when i zooming project in 1 Row, my GUI starts freezing at 0.5-2 seconds, but audio is ok.
Then i check Windows Task manager, and i found, when i’m zooming my HDD load goes up to 100% (Only disk, Cpu,GPU are ok)

After that, i go to Cubase preference, and turned off Show Waveforms - THE PROBLEM IS GONE!
Even more, Cubase starts be mooore snapy and smooth.

my investigation shows me that, when i Zoom in/Out Cubase starts Cache waveforms image. (and yes, already tried delete Image folder inside project, no results)

anyone ?

Render or bounce all the edits, that should speed it up again.