Waveform disappears when zooming in, please help.

When zooming in to the waveform in an open audio part editor, the waveform disappears, any ideas to why? the waveforms show fine even at max zoom in the project window.

Also, when i loop a small part of my project using loop markers, 1/8, the bottom bar performance meter maxes out and the samples won’t play. I don’t remember this always being the case. The longer the audio sample is the sooner it drops out when decreasing the loop size. Not to be mistaken for chopping the audio and looping it.

Thank you.

Edit. Not sure what i did but the Zoom is working again.
Edit. The Zoom problem was due to me being in the VariAudio Tab, the others work fine, is this normal?

That’s normal


If you are describing the same issue as this link, then try what Martin suggested to see if it helps.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes that was the issue, thank you.

I am sorry, but the youtube video is unavailable.
Have any od you figured out what the problem is/was?
I am in nuendo 8. WHen I paste audio at the end of wave form, a huge part of wave form preceding the pasted one disappears. It shows when you zoom in. and when you zoom out it disappears again.

Why is that?

The video is gone but did you try what Martin suggested?

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Did you mean this? “VariAudio view doesn’t have as big Zoom level. Switch to Definition tab/view, to see higher Zoom In.”

same thing happens. the problem is not ZOOM IN. When you zoom out, portion of audio is turns into BLANK

Really strange.

i cannot believe that Steinberg does not want to fix this…