Waveform Display Does Not Follow Audio

Hello folks, this is my first post here. Just tonight I imported/replaced three new tracks into a montage and upon playback, the cursor position was well into the waveform display before the audio was heard. This has never happened before. I have restarted the computer a couple of times but to no avail, any help would be so appreciated. Thank you!

Bud Bremner

What sample rate? What audio device?

The files are 24/48 and I’m running a Steinberg UR816C interface. Thank you!

Do you really use 10.0.20?
Can you try with some 44.1k file?

Yes Philippe I do believe I’m running 10.0.20. Is that not a good thing?

It’s a good thing that you run 10.0.30
In a few days, 10.0.30 shall become available, FYI.

Can you try with some 44.1k file?

Ok so here is what I learned just now, the very first time an audio files is played, the cursor position matches the audio, however if I stop playback then start it again the alignment goes off by about 500 ms where the cursor moves and the audio is behind. Dang this is frustrating…

Did you try without plugin?
Did you try with 44.1k files?

PC or Mac?

regards S-EH

Hey folks, Lindsay from Customer Support has found the solution to my problem, believing it to be a corrupt Preference file so he logged onto my computer and moved a few things around and presto! THANK YOU LINDSAY!!