Waveform display glitches + Time Sig Mess?

  1. All over the place in terms of images here on latest Cubase 8.

Any way of refreshing wave form image files as this is incredibly annoying.

The two images attached show the issue.

First one shows inaccurate display. Second after zooming shows correct display.

  1. When copying and pasting time signatures things get very messed up very quickly. It just doesn’t do it correctly adding extra meter changes in the time sig track. Tips?

Anyone confirm these issues?



I don’t know about your first question, but for #2, use Copy/Paste from the menu instead of the copy/paste keystrokes or [alt]/[opt]-dragging as a workaround.

You can look in the ‘images’ folder in the project folder and delete some (or all) the .peak files in there. They will be regenerated next time you open the project. This doesn’t really guarantee that the problem won’t come back because it could juts be a display problem rather than a problem with the peak (waveform) file. Still, can’t harm to regenerate them.

WARNING - I would back up the peak files first before deleting in case something odd happens!!


Thanks for suggestions. I love cubase but this program is full of weird quirky glitches.

Interesting. I found this thread when searching for a similar issue with Nuendo 6.5.40 on OS X 10.10.4. I had one track whose waveforms looked like the one in your glitch screenshot. It was a vocal track and instead of nice rounded waves it was a bunch of vertical lines. It sounded fine, but was causing my CPU to live at 110% and the zooming and general moving around in the edit window became very sluggish. After I deleted the region and re-imported from the media pool, everything was fine. Deleting the .peak file and restarting did not help.

I’m just curious did you perhaps duplicate that track or rename it in media pool at some point? That is what I did and I think it may be related to the issue.