Waveform dissapers when zooming in

Sometimes I need ot make very high precision cuts whne editing so I need to zoom right into the waveform. In previous versions of Nuendo you could do this - however in Nuendo 7 I can zoom in so far and then the waveform just vanishes - any idea how to resolve this ?

can you share a screenshot what do you mean?

It happens to me sometimes. What I do? I save the session and close it .Then I open it again. It usually solves the problem.


Not really - its a moving thing - just zoom into any waveform track in Nuendo - see how it undulates - imagine it dissapears - theres your screenshot - a rectangle with no waveform in it. Thats what ahppens - really simple - I zoom into the waveform and when I get really close it just vanishes.

This does not solve the problem on my system.

Not like this, right?

No , like it completely dissapeared. Weirdly though - its started working again…