Waveform in sample editor disappears when zoom < 1.0

Does somebody know how I can zoom to values < 1.0 in the “Sample editor” of C6.5.5?
Every time my zoom factor is below 1.0 the waveform disappears. The zoom in the Project windows works as expected.
Below a preview of the behavior.

Drives me crazy ! No idea…Sorry :frowning:

Well, mine has the same issue… :cry:

I’ve tried Cubase 7 and have the same issue there. I’ve opened a support ticket, because this must be system related. Otherwise power or pro users would have raised the alarm already.

This behaviour looks familiar but I have another variant:
When zooming in in the last (means highest) level the waveform is a completely different like on another position and not disappearing. Its just annoying because the last working zoom level is okay for repairing spikes in the waveform… but it feels strange and unreliable of course every time doing that.
I think it is in fact system independent: My new computer does it like the old one (Win 7 x64 - before Win XP) and also a colleague suffer from the same phenomena.

It’s solved by replacing the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6_64\Default.xml with a backup version.
Obviously rebuilding it, would solve it too.

This means resetting the preferences of Cubase I think.(?) Okay, good to know but oh man… going through all that settings again… then I just live with it.

Cubase tech-support team should fix this issue & should release next update for C6 & C7 at least !

NUENDO 8 - same thing

Although many years since this topic was :exclamation: raised, I can confirm that I have been experiencing the same issue (Cubase Pro 9.5.50.).
Thank you, the above :exclamation: solution works! :smiley: