Waveform Restorer

Hi All,

I’m new here, although I’m a long time WL user back to V3 and a long time lurker on this forum.

Anyway I’ve finally got my copies of the V7 upgrade and have noticed that the Waveform Restorer is no longer available via the Process menu. Is it hiding somewhere or has it been removed from the program altogether? I cant find any reference in the online help so I fear the later. I use this tool all the time and will be extremely disappointed if this is the case.



The waveform restorer is now merged within the “Audio Error detection and correction” tool.


I think that may be a much better place for it once I get used to it.


oh my god!
why has the waveform restorer been removed in wavelab essential 7?
in wavelab essential 6 was this feature included.
that is a downgrade and not an upgrade! :cry: