Waveform selection bug

Usually when you switch from single-wave to multi-wave mode or vice versa, the waveform switches to sine internally, while on the GUI another waveform such as saw is still selected. After several updates the bug is still there although I have reported it like a year ago.

There are several such issues and people have described them already, but Steinberg doesn’t seem to give a crap about their paying customers. Your attitude sucks, you should be forced to work for U-he or TAL for a while so that you learn how to deal with bug reports in a timely fashion.

After all those years on the market and various updates, R2 should be perfect by now. Far from it…

Can anyone confirm?
best regards

Wow, someone from Steinberg actually visits the Steinberg forum :sunglasses:

It’s easy. Just open R2, which loads the default patch. Now switch from single to multi wave mode. This turns the selected saw wave into a sine in terms of audio, while the selector is still set to saw.

I visit the “Virtual Instruments” section at least once a day and if I get valid data or findings I’m more than happy to help. But without any infos about the version of the OS, plugin build, the host and its build, affected programs/presets and preferable an attachment of a preset or even a project file, there is not much I can do.

I can’t reproduce your problem here! So, can anyone else confirm?
best regards

Oh, well, I am on W10, everything up to date.
My Daw is Reaper, also latest build.
It happens with both Retrologue 2 VST2 and VST3, both the latest builds, but it has happened ever since I bought Retrologue 2.