Waveforms are not displayed on the track (UR22 and CUBASE)

Hi All,

I recently purchased the Steinberg UR22 comes along with Cubase AI 8 & Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone.
My problem is: I can’t record with my microphone.

I downloaded the Cubase AI software (on Windows 7) and installed the driver for the Steinberg UR22. I updated the driver from the site (to ver 1.9.6).
I selected the ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO’ in Device Setup -> VST Audio System.
I added 1 MONO Input bus and 1 MONO Output bus in Devices -> VST Connections (I removed the other buses).

I connected the XLR plug to the mic plug (No. 1).
I added audio tracks with the appropriate input and output ports (Project -> Add Track -> Audio),
since I’m recording a mono signal from my microphone and want to hear from the headphones.

I set the audio INPUT on the track (On the new MONO audio track) to the MONO IN 1 and
the audio OUTPUT to MONO OUTPUT.

I pressed on ‘MONITOR’ (the little speaker icon next to the red record button) on the audio track.
I pressed ‘RECORD’ on the transport bar and … It’s NOT record my microphone onto the MONO audio track.

Now, I can see the blue metering on the track when I talk into my microphone.
and I can see the box on the track,
BUT… The waveforms are not displayed on the track (into the box)!!!

Additional Information:

  1. when I connected my organ to the MIDI IN plug (in UR22) and added a midi track - I can see the waveform on the midi track.
  2. I can record myself in windows - when I change windows settings, of course.

    Does anyone have any idea why this might be ?

I pressed on ‘MONITOR’ (the little speaker icon next to the red record button

Obviously, you also press the red record button here…probably you did but as you didn’t mention it??

I added 1 MONO Input bus and 1 MONO Output bus in Devices -> VST Connections (I removed the other buses).

Unless you only have one speaker and no headphones you would want a stereo output here. (not the issue though)

Of course, I have already pressed on the red record button.
Please help!

  1. If you play the recording back I assume you hear nothing and there is no meter movement? (be sure to deselect the monitor button first)

  2. Assuming that’s a yes…can you play back and hear any other audio in Cubase?..if you import from file or use a vst instrument?

  1. You are right. I hear nothing.
  2. Yes. I can record and hear midi audio (my organ). But when I import a file, I hear nothing.

When you import a file and cannot hear it playback do you also see the meters moving?
And I’m sure you must…but please confirm you can see the waveform in this case.

Hasn’t the UR22 a mix pot that needs to be adjusted ?
waveforms aside.

When I import a file, there aren’t meters at all - the box is empty !
So, I hear nothing.
I attached a picture. you can see 3 tracks:
Midi, Mic, Imported song.

Hi peakae,

I’m a new user.
I didn’t understand what is mix pot.
I hope that the attached file is effective.

There is something really not right with the track TestSong…not sure what you have done there but it is not audio and it isn’t a standard audio track as the track controls are greyed out.

Please try to follow these steps.

Go to the file menu
Select import/Audio File
In the browser find and select an audio file (wave or mp3) on your computer and hit open
It will ask if you want to copy to working directory…just hit OK
Now you should at least see a waveform in the event…now try to play this…anything??

NB…Also make sure to close the other audio recorder software…this might stop Cubase having access to the soundcard.

I did exactly what you wrote - and I hear nothing.
BTW, I can hear the TestSong.wav in windows.

I took a project from my friend and I opened it in my Cubase - and now I see the waveforms !!!
but, when I create a new project - I don’t see the waveforms.
I’m going to ReInstall the cubase.

took a project from my friend and I opened it in my Cubase - and now I see the waveforms !!!

Well this is a start I suppose…though apparently you’re keeping it a secret whether you could actually hear anything at that point :smiley:

So… I Re-Installed Cubase on my Laptop (Win 7 64 bit) and … The same !!! Nothing changed !!!
I Installed Cubase on my another Laptop (Win 10 32 bit) and … Everything work !!! The Mic, the Midi (organ) and the Song (same file) !!!
I will try to compare between both of them in order to learn - but I will work with the second Laptop (Win 10).
I’ll let you know about the changes.
Now, I have another problem with the License on the Second Laptop. I got an error when I entered the same License.
I have attached the error message.
License Activation error.png
Should I open a new Subject about this problem ?

That’s correct…the licence can only be used on a single computer so you will have to follow the procedure to swap it to the working computer.

See the section:

How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?