Waveforms in mixer

I don’t know how many have seen the video for the Yamaha Nuage controller (YouTube), but there is a view of the mix console which has the waveform view - as in the track arranger, but scrolling vertically instead of horizontally.
It has been stated in some promos, that the mixer in cubase is taking over from the arranger as the primary screen.
Is this perhaps an indication of what we might expect in a future (next?) version?

If so, please don’t eliminate the arranger window entirely!

That´s a Nuendo (only) feature…

Perhaps only for the time being though… :wink:
It wouldn’t be the first time a feature, originally designed for Nuendo, has made it’s way into the Cubase repertoir.

If added to the rack, it wouldn’t necessarily add any clutter, just a further option some might find useful. I know myself sometimes I’ve been expecting activity on a certain meter in mixer view and have had to check in the arranger to see that a clip hade been deleted, moved or muted.