WAVEFORMS Not displaying properly

The waveforms in Nuendo 12 are not drawing properly. They disappear randomly when zooming in and out, it’s making editing pretty much impossible. I’ve deleted the image files, that doesn’t work, I’ve gone to preferences event display - that doesn’t work. Looking at the edit page I can have two audio events next to each other - one shows the waveform, the next one doesn’t. I can have two channels next to each other, on one line the waveform is there, the one below or above there is no waveform. I have a windows machine running W10 pro, 64 GB of ram supported by a NVidia GeForce rtx 3050 graphics card . My interface is a UA Quad 2 running on firewire. Can I state that after waiting for 19 days for a response from Steinberg that their support is crap.

Here the same. At different zoom levels sometimes silence, sometimes something else is displayed. And sometimes the waveform disappears completely after two seconds.
So far I have no solution other than changing a value in the DOP, normalizing it or sometimes restarting Nuendo helps.
Since then I’ve thought it’s because of our insane projects with 500 GB Audio and more.

This has just this evening started happening to me. Zoom into the project, and the waveforms disappear. I’ve tried deleting images, restarting…