WaveLab 10.0.20 Maintenance update available

Dear forum-members,

I’m pleased to announce the availability of WaveLab 10.0.20, a free maintenance update
to the WaveLab 10.x product family.

The update is available here: WaveLab 10.0.20 download

as well as in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Have fun!

Thank you. These are important fixes.

I tried to use the WL 10.0.20 installer I downloaded off the web and kept getting an error message about a missing XML file. When I used the Download assistant everything went well.The update is now installed and working. FWIW.

Thank you very much for the update.
What remains is the problem with other programs (JRiver MediaCenter, Audio HiJack playing/ recording in a different bitrate).
WL is stuttering if I played before an audio file with a different bitrate than that of the WL file. The same happens while recording a file.
A picture of a just made recording is appended. It looks like that of a totally scratchy LP.

Not sure what you mean by bitrate here. Sample Rate maybe? The problem might be related to your audio device driver then.

Maybe sample rate (16, 24 32…). I always confuse that. The problem doesn’t appear with WL 9.5. So I think that it should NOT be something with the audio driver. That didn’t change.

Thank you very much for the update. This might be small to some, but very huge for me! The cursor now moves back to start position after playback! Again, thank you for such great talent in designing Wavelab. Have used since Wavelab 2! Been very fortunate to have very very few troubles in using this program! :slight_smile: :wink:

Best Regards,
Teddy Robb