WaveLab 10.0.30 and WaveLab 10.0.20 BUG

hello all

I noticed strange bug with both version of wavelab 10 … (wavelab 9.5 works fine )

  1. pressing star to save master selection preset dosen’t work - when reopening wavelab it is not saved . loading is dark gray

  2. when trying to add multiply files from wavelab file browser - wavelab doesn’t let you do it … and the you can not add by drag and drop any more files … this also results with master sellection error - you can not change place of plugin in chain anymore …

    any1 have the same experience ?

MAC 10.15 Catalina
Wavelab 10.0.30

ad 1. solved . deleting and adding wavelab 10 to accesibility settings helped .

ad 2 . strill no luck - can any1 can reproduce it ?