Wavelab 10.0.40 Batch Processor Wavpack Samplerate bug

Hi, when archiving projects i normally use wavpack to shrink all my wav’s then fire them off to an archive NAS (using wavpacks own commandline/script) and this works flawlessly, but i thought id test wavelabs options today…
firstly its a lot slower even in multicore mode (my cpu doesnt even go above 15% doing 4 files at once)

ran a test on a 88.2khz project (all audio 88.2khz)
I had the options checked
WAVPACK, match channels, match samplerate, match bitdepth

however, when i checked the resulting output .wv files that wavelab made, the WV files were 44.1khz so it ignored the “keep samplerate” option

I then went back to try to force it to 88.2khz, but i cant change the option, the only setting under samplerate is “match” (I have closed/reopened wavelab numerous times, same issue.)

as a follow up the same test but using FLAC as the output works as expected (i get 88.2khz flac) so seems to be just a bug with wavelab/wavpack

I confirm this is a bug. It will be fixed in the upcoming 10.0.50 version.

perfect thanks!