Wavelab 10.0.40 GUI less sluggish with plugins

Sorry if this is another thread on an already discussed topic, but I couldn’t find the previous threads so I started a new one.

I also suffered the problem, that the GUI in Wavelab Pro 10 would almost freeze up as soon as I open a plugin window. The plugins I use are those most common in the industry - Waves, Sonnox (Sony Oxford), Plugin-Alliance, UAD, iZotope, McDSP, IK Multimedia and more. I’m running a 2013 Mac Pro (so it does have a GPU) with 64GB of RAM and Mojave (10.14.6).

I tried the latest version and for me the latest Version (10.0.40) does bring some improvements here. Waves plugins especially seem to work better for me now, which is a great, iZotope also seems to work. I still need more time to find out, if a combination of clip, track and master plugins will affect this.

What still does not work for me are the Sonox plugins (Sony Oxford) and anything McDSP. As soon as I bring the limiter or the EQ up the GUI is back to almost frozen - it gets updated may twice a second then. Is there any hope for these in the future - or any kind of feedback I could send to Sonox? Their plugins are especially useful in mastering.

Hi, same problem here, did you find any solution to the stuttering guis?
Thanks for your reply.

The first step would be to update to the current version. That post was almost a year ago.