WaveLab 10.0.50 update available

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A new maintenance update for WaveLab Pro, Elements and LE is now available: Version 10.0.5

This update resolves several small issues across different areas of the applications, and also includes a few workflow improvements and extra functionality. We strongly recommend installing this update to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As always this update is available for download from the Steinberg website and via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

For detailed information, please refer to the corresponding version history.

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Today I turned on my computer then installed the wavelab update and now I don’t have any audio coming out of speaker arrangement #2 in wavelab.
I can not figure out what the problem is.

It’s a known regression with the 10.0.50 update. Hopefully Steinberg can issue a hot-fix update for it. I had no idea how many people used Speaker Configuration but this issue is now widely reported.

Any news about a fix for this issue?

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I wanted to ask you something: I have wavelab elements 9.5 on my macbook. Can I also have it on another device or do I have to buy that again? I can’t find 9.5 in steinberg site. In case it is not available, can I update to 10 and have it to both my old and new macbook? is there a limit on how many devices can have it installed as long as they all belong to the same apple account? Thank you in advance!

Apple account has no relevance whatsoever. But by buying Wavelab, you actually buy the license to use it. If you put this license on a removable device (the USB e-Licenser) you can use several installed WL installations with this same physical USB key - obviously one at a time. The transfer of the license (from the HDD of your computer to the USB-key) is only possible in one direction, so be aware that this cannot be reversed.

BTW, you should be able to find WL Elements 9.5 in your MySteinberg account - and the opportunity to download it IIRC.

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So, if i understood well, I can use the programme only on one device and NOT on more devices at a time, not even if I own the e-licenser key, right? I don’t have the e-licenser key, so in case I install the wavelab on a different device, I would automatically stop using it on the device I am using right now? What do you mean by “The transfer of the license (from the HDD of your computer to the USB-key) is only possible in one direction”? Thank you very much for your reply!

No, the thing is, you have 1 license - normally with WL Elements it will be installed on your HDD as a so called ‘soft license’. You can see it with the eLicenser software. It is possible also to transfer this license to a different computer, but this is not an easy process. But you can also transfer it to a USB license key (can be bought separately) and then WL will work on other computers - on which their eLicenser software will see it being connected. Once transferred to the USB-key, you cannot change it back to a soft-license.

Yes, I’m dealing with the same issue after the update.

that’s Great

Any idea when we might see an update? My cue sheets are really looking terrible now, for example:

Yes, so much wasted space and fragmented info. I really hope the Audio CD Reports can be cleaned up and modernized in the very near future.

So… should I update or not?

Has anyone heard of the alternative speaker outputs issue being addressed by Steinberg? How long does it usually take to get problems like this sorted out? You’d think a bug as serious as this would be sorted out fast.

I got an answer from the developer a few months ago, he said they are aware of the problem. Ive managed to get 2 separate outputs to work, but that’s it. Im not holding my breath, there are so many buggy and inefficient things about Wavelab that its just a pain to use.

Thanks for letting me know. Yeah months is just not acceptable for this level of software. You’d think they could get on finding a fix for this this like it was a corona virus in Wavelab.