WaveLab 10.0.70 Maintenance Update

WaveLab 10.0.70 is now available from the Steinberg website or the Steinberg Download Assistant app and solves a few issues.

-The Cue Point menu in the Edit tab of the montage window is now always enabled (WaveLab Elements/LE only).

-Gain/Pan settings for reference tracks now work as expected.

-Undoing metadata edits in the audio montage now works as expected.

-Using the Loudness Meta Normalizer in the audio montage no longer renders the application unreliable.

-Inserting a generic marker using a key command during playback now works as expected.

-Using the Spectrogram display on certain High DPI scaling settings no longer renders the application unreliable (Windows only).

-Closing WaveLab when using certain third-party plug-ins no longer renders the application unreliable.

-CD frames can now be changed in the track list in the CD window.

Hooray- marker insert/undo problem is fixed! That one was driving me nuts!

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After I installed it then WL 9.5.5 would not start. Restarting my Windows 10 machine cleared the problem. FWIW

I download and run the update and it says “No changes”.

damn… was hoping they’d fix the track sheet export column width thing.

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Just an FYI - I have an M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur, and WL Elements is working. I did the update yesterday and have had no problems.