Wavelab 10/20 Crashing upon opening on Catalina

Good day,
We have been using a 2012 MacMini in our mastering room since 2012 and we have never had an issue with it with Wavelab…until this morning. Nothing has changed since last night and all of a sudden WL will open to the main application window then go tits up.
This is what I get https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2fpkxtoqhzm020/Wavelab-Crash.txt?dl=0

I am extremely intelligent and I can read this like it was a book but I wanted to see if anyone else understand what it means…well…besides my intelligent self. Ok. i’m lying. Im lost. I can make out some letters and numbers but thats about it. I tested the little baby box and it seems to run all of our other audio programs fine. Is it time to retire this little feller? If it is why now? What changed over night? I remember I liked H sauce on my steak and then the next time I had steak I just liked it with no seasoning so I suppose my mac could be the same? Not that I put Steak sauce on it but it not liking Wavelab. Im rambling.

Thank you for any assistance

I can see that the crash happens inside a plugin called TR5Suite from ikmultimedia.
Remove this plugin.

Man…I just used that plugin during our live show last night. Now they are fighting. Its like a “redneck” domestic. One minute everything is ok then another case of “natty” shows up.

Thank you for the help.

Easy fix…zipped the plugin causing the issue.
Deleted the original one
Started the session that was constantly loading the plugin
Deleted the plugin and closed wavelab
Unzipped plugin
Put note on the computer not to use that plugin with Wavelab ever again

Thank you so much PG