Wavelab 10 audio device options

I’ll keep it short. i have previously set this all up fine back in September and and used it perfectly no problems, i have just opened it up again and now i’m unable to play any sound. The play line is flashing red and doesn’t move, after extensive searching for similar problems i have gone to “audio Device” settings where its only lets me select “generic low latency ASIO driver”. When i did this originally in September to solve the same issue it had a couple of other options and after playing around i managed to find one that worked and i could then hear/edit etc.
Now when i try and play it states:
"The audio card output could not be set to this sample rate: 44 100 Hz
Some of the possible causes:

  • The device does not support this sample rate
  • The sample rate of the device is set to be unchangeable
  • The sample clock of the device is set to depend on an external sync source"

Has anyone else had this issue? I have been round in circles with this and have run out of ideas. Thought it was the soundcard or driver following an update but even my IT team are stumped! Running Windows version 10.

It’s just the nature of the generic driver beast. If you don’t have a proprietary driver, you might try ASIO4All. I don’t have any issues using my Behringer ASIO driver.