Wavelab 10 - Batch Export using External Equipment


Following the latest update, the stuttering when using playback with external gear has now been fixed.

Still cannot get the batch function to work when batch processing with external effects. once I click start, the ‘gear’ icon appears next to the audio file but nothing happens, no activity on external gear. Then after about 30 seconds, the dreaded red flag appears.

This function works fine in WL9.5


External FX with the batch processor is not possible. However, you can use multi file processing with External FX (that is, selected multiple tabs to be processed).

Thanks, PG.

Unfortunately, multiple file rendering with external effects doesn’t work either. I can set it up ok, click start and it renders the first file, but then even with ‘autostart’ selected it just hangs and then crashes, followed by sending some data to Microsoft.

The multiple file rendering concept looks good, but it needs to be fully automatic without user involvement at the start of every file.

The manual is weak in this area, with no mention of rendering files with external effects.


I will check it.

Hi PG,

Following the 10.0.20 update, both batch processing or Multiple file rendering using External Equipment is still not working.


It is not meant to work with the batch processor, but I think it works with Multiple file rendering.
However, there is something that you have to set manually (WaveLab should do it, I agree).
The following setting: because it is of course impossible to run parallel renders on audio device ports.
But if you call the “Render in Real Time” function directly, the above is not necessary.


The multiple File Rendering works perfectly with external equipment in 10.0.30



Thanks for the confirmation.