Wavelab 10 Crashing on opening

Hi there,

Wavelab 10 is crashing for me upon opening. Using a late 2012 mac mini, Mojave version 10.14.6. Was working for me fine a few days ago, not working today all of the sudden.


Usually it’s from a plug-in that is loaded in the Master Section and being asked to be reloaded and crashing. It’s one of many reasons I don’t care for the Global Master Section and never use it.

You can sometimes delete the general.dat or some specific preference file to clear this up, but if it comes down to it, and you aren’t worried about losing any WaveLab settings/presets, you can delete the entire Preferences folder.

You should back up the Preferences folder first in case you want to put any settings/presets back once you get WaveLab open again.

More here:

You can try to launch WaveLab while pressing the Command key pressed.

Thanks Justin! I tried trashing my preferences in a few different ways, nothing seemed to help. But I downloaded your preferences and replaced the Cache folder, and I was able to open it up.

Opening it while pressing Command didn’tchange anything for me, but thank you for the suggestion!

Thanks again all!