Wavelab 10 Error "The plugin can't be opened"

I just recently upgraded to WaveLab 10 from 9.5 (which has worked pretty flawlessly). So I could be misunderstanding something in the way that plugins are now added to clips.

I set up an Audio Montage for creating a CD album. Add audio files and use the CD wizard to set markers etc.

I select a clip (audio file) on the montage track click the inspector (next to the Master section) in order to add some plugins to the clip. This all seems to work, I add plugins and change settings in the plugins. Then quit WaveLab. This all works as I would have expected, however the next time I open WaveLab and choose the same Montage, I then select the track I added plugins to and select the Inspector there are no clip plugins, it is greyed out. If I then right click the lower half of the clip and select ‘Edit plugins’, the plugins appear in the Inspector but a message appears saying “The plugin can’t be opened”, I close the message and click on one of the plugins in the Inspector to edit it but the “The plugin can’t be opened” message appears again.

So I am unable to edit the plugins.

Am I doing something wrong?