Wavelab 10 is the clip inspector gain slider post clip effects but pre track effects

Wavelab 10 Sorry for the remedial question. Maybe there is a routing map somewhere in the documentation.

is the clip inspector gain slider post clip effects but pre track effects
is the track inspector gain slider post track effects but pre output effects

Thank you

the track inspector gain slider is post-effects

Thank you PG1. is clip inspector slider pre track effects? in other words is the routing: clip audio>clip effects>clip inspector gain>track effects>track inspector gain>output effects>output inspector gain

I’m trying to understand the easiest way to gain match clips post effects before sending them all through a single compressor or limiter.

I can’t remember all the way back to WaveLab 10 but I thought there was a way to determine if you want it to be pre or post clip FX. Check for a small icon/button in the Gain area.

Thanks Justin. From my understanding the pre/post option is only on the output inspector.

Now that I know the clip gain is post clip effects, my remaining question is really whether the clip gain is before the track effects. See the use case noted above.

Anything in the Clip area is before the Track FX.

I guess I haven’t paid much attention to your original question because I always keep these faders at 0dB and locked so they can’t be accidentally changed. The Clips Tab has a nice way to change the gain either pre or post clip FX and also, the volume/gain envelope can be changed to either pre or post clip FX. I personally don’t see a need for anything more and never use the gain slider.

In fact, WaveLab 11 has a nice feature to hide the gain area all together to free up more visual space in certain views.

Thank you Justin, this helps. It sounds like you use the envelope vs the slider. I can follow that path as well.

And in more recent years, I start by using the Meta Normalizer which with the right settings will change the Clip Gain “Pre Effects” in the Clips Tab to a desired starting level and I can fine tune from there.

I mostly use the envelope for actual fade ins/outs and changes within the song but I try to not stray too far from 0dB on the envelope because the Clips Tab has much more range and precision (typing in a number vs. dragging a line).

I personally never liked the Gain Slider in the Inspector and have kept them locked since they were added. I find it too easy to accidentally change it with a mouse scroll as you are moving the mouse around the screen. I like the WL11 now allows you to hide the Gain Section all together.