wavelab 10 manual / live input stream recording help

very very nice to finally see the ability to record through plug-ins in the master section… but when i turn on the Live Input Rendering i get a feedback loop… despite “audio monitoring” being OFF in the record dialogue box.

is there a quick tutorial on how to get this feature working… or a manual available yet?


The new “Live Input” option on the Master Section, is fully independent from the record dialog. Don’t try to use both in the same time.
Do you have the same feedback loop in the Record dialog alone?

no, no feedback loop when i just record regularly…

so, you don’t use the record dialog box / CMD-R function when doing the live input thing?

Same here, getting the feedback loop with the new live input.

No feedback loop when using record mode.

getting the feedback loop with the new live input

How exactly this happens?

With the new live input, don’t open the record dialog. To record, use the Render button.


Background audio is running, as soon as I press the new live input icon (the mic), the feedback loop starts immediately. I don´t use the record function at all.

feedback loop starts immediately


Check if some monitoring option is activated on you audio device.

Try other audio input.